NAZCAMOCHICA features a variety of dishes inspired in the culinary history of Peru and its multiple influences received from other cuisines, such as Chinese, Middle Eastern and Italian, which Peruvians adapted and incorporated in their traditional dishes.


Taking its name from a combination of two of the most interesting civilizations that flourished in Peru before the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America: "Nazca" (100 BC  - 800 AD) known for its famous landmark, the "Nazca Lines" and "Mochica" (100 AD - 800 AD), excellent gold mastercrafters and builders of impressive piramids called "huacas".

Roberto Castre



NAZCAMOCHICA proudly presents Chef Castre to the Washington D.C. dining scene. Chef Castre launched his first concept of contemporary Peruvian cuisine in Houston, TX in 2009, inspired in his broad culinary experience throughout the United States and his homeland country, Peru. Chef Castre’s mastery of sophisticated cooking techniques paired with his knowledge of Peruvian traditional flavors has led him to be regarded as a trailblazer for Peruvian cuisine in the U.S. His broad experience and his talent of combining and reinventing flavors would eventually make him earn raving reviews from a wide array of respected food writers, publications, and online outlets, including the New York Times and the Houston Chronicle, among others.

Robert Preston



Robert Preston is NazcaMochica’s General Manager. Robert’s broad experience in the hospitality industry and his passion for Peruvian food make him the perfect fit for our concept and new venue in Washington D.C. Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University, an MBA from The George Washington University and has over eight-year experience in the hospitality industry. Robert’s prior work experience includes the five diamond, five star Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Washington D.C.