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Designed to be inviting and dynamic, MOCHICA offers a great encounter with Peruvian food and Pisco-based drinks, featuring its CEBICHE BAR, where chefs craft delectable cebiche and tiradito dishes while interacting with our guests, and its trendy PISCO BAR with its original Pisco cocktails, great for happy hour and casual gatherings.


No reservations are required for this venue.



Cebiche Mochica $18 (full) / $10 (half) 

Lime marinated "a la minute" seasonal white fish, octopus, red onions, caramelized sweet potato, creamy "rocoto" sauce, "aji limo," fried yucca, fried calamari


Cebiche Mixto $18 (full) / $10 (half) 

Lime marinated "a la minute" seasonal white fish, poached calamari, "aji limo," "aji amarillo," Peruvian corn, cilantro, sweet potato

Cebiche Clasico $18 (full) / $10 (half) 

Lime marinateD "a la minute" seasonal white fish, red onions, sweet potato

Tiradito $15 

"Sashimi" style cut seasonal white fish, "aji limo," "aji rocoto," and "aji amarillo"

Yuquitas a  la Huancaina $6 (V)

Yuccas with "huancaina" sauce

Steamed Pork Dumplings $8

Pork dumplings, spicy sesame oil, soy sauce, scallions


Ocopa $9 (V)

Mashed potato covered in "huacatay" sauce, lettuce, olives


Chaufa de Pollo $12 (GF)

Chicken stir-fry rice, scallions, red peppers, ginger, soy sauce


Quinoa Salad $10 (GF) (V)

Poached quinoa, avocado, golden raisins, cherry tomatoes, lettuces, and cilantro


Boneless Chicken Wings $9

Spicy boneless wings tossed in house sauce

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