(10 Half / 18 Full)

Cebiche Mochica

Seasonal white fish with rocoto and leche de tigre


Cebiche Mixto (GF)

White seasonal fish, poached shrimp, poached calamari,

sliced octopus, “Aji Limo”, “Aji Amarillo”, “Aji Rocoto”, Peruvian corn,

cilantro, sweet potato


Tiradito Nazca Lines (GF)

“Sashimi” cut style seasonal white fish, “Aji Limo”, “Aji Rocoto” and “Aji Amarillo” Sauces, Peruvian corn caramelized sweet potato, green onions, micro cilantro


Yuccas Fries with Huancaina 8

Fried yuccas and Huancaina sauce (cheese, yellow pepper)


Brussels Sprouts (v) 8

Crispy Brussels sprouts in passion fruit dressing


Causitas (v) 10

Mashed potato, Peruvian yellow pepper, avocado, olives


Quinoa & Kiwicha Salad (v) 10

 Quinoa, Kiwicha pop, avocado, passion fruit dressing




Served with a choice of house salad or fries

Aji de Gallina  Sandwich   10

Shredded chicken breast, yellow pepper, peanuts and olives, French baguette

Seco de Cordero Sandwich   12

Braised lamb stew in cilantro sauce, onions, French baguette

Pan con Chicharron   12       

Pork shoulder sandwich



Aji de Gallina 14
Pulled chicken in a creamy yellow pepper sauce, egg, olives


Cauliflower Stir Fry (v) 14

Cauliflower, ginger, soy sauce, red peppers


Chaufa de Quinoa (v) 15

Quinoa stir fry, scrambled eggs, scallions


Chaufa de Mariscos 18

Seafood (includes shellfish) stir fry, rice, scrambled eggs, scallions


 Lomo  Saltado 19/ Pollo Saltado 17

Traditional  Beef tenderloin wok sautéed with onions and tomatoes, French fries


Seco de Cordero 19

Braised lamb leg marinated in “Seco” sauce (cilantro, “Chicha de Jora”, dark beer reduction), fried yucca, served with “Tacu Tacu” (rice and lima beans patty)


Short-Rib Anticucho  16

Short rib in aji panca sauce “honey glazed”, potatoes



Alfajores   7

Homemade Peruvian Cookies with Dulce de Leche

Gelato/Sorbet   7
Seasonal flavors, ask your server




 (V) Vegetarian